5G and NZ weather forecasting


Weather forecasters will not be affected by Vodafone’s 5G network initial roll-out in New Zealand, according to NIWA’s chief scientist Environmental Information Dr Jochen Schmidt.

NIWA wishes to clarify that comments made yesterday that the accuracy of weather forecasts could be affected by 5G were based on World Meteorological Organization concerns.

Dr Schmidt says there is evidence presented by the international science community that certain 5G frequency bands have the potential to interfere with frequencies used by satellites for their observations.

“The frequencies of concern are microwave frequencies at around 24 GHz to 28 GHz that are being looked at for use in 5G. If not carefully managed these may have the potential to result in unwanted emissions below 24 GHz that are close to the frequency used to detect water vapour by satellite sensing systems (23.8 GHz). 

“However, we understand that the planned 5G network announced by Vodafone uses lower frequencies of 3.5 GHz  and will not affect weather satellite technology in New Zealand. NIWA apologises for any confusion created,” he said.

Dr Schmidt, who is also the New Zealand representative for the World Meteorological Organization’s Global Climate Observing System, said the international science community was working with governments to protect radio frequencies vital to earth observations.

See: https://public.wmo.int/en/media/news/wmo-protect-radio-frequencies-vital-earth-observations .