See NIWA scientists talking about their work, along with fascinating animations and underwater footage.

Science Working for NZ
Science is driving innovation and growth in New Zealand. What happens next?
Our World is Changing
More than 7.6 billion people live on this planet. What's the impact?
Drone survey of Kaikoura uplifted rockpools
Drones have been used at Kaikoura to survey intertidal reef areas, many of which were uplifted by as much as half a metre in the 2016 earthquake.
Water Sensitive Urban Design
Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) has emerged as a form of development that, among other objectives, aims to deliver resilient water ways providing a range of benefits to urban communities.
2018 - Antarctic Voyage Update #3
2018 - Antarctic Voyage Update #3
Auckland region climate change projections and impacts | Auckland Council
Auckland Council and Council Controlled Organisations commissioned NIWA to provide climate change projections, including high-resolution maps for the Auckland Region.
2018 - Antarctic Voyage Update #2
What's a Bongo net? Sadie Mills tells us all about it by phone from the Ross Sea Dependency.
2018 - Antarctic Voyage Update #1
TAN 1802 - Antarctic voyage leader Dave Bowden on the phone from the Southern Ocean.
Dolphins farewell RV Tangaroa - 9 February 2018
RV Tangaroa is farewelled by a pod of dolphins as it heads off on its 12th voyage to the white continent. Footage courtesy of Kareen Schnabelke.
NIWA 2017 Annual Climate Summary
Chris Brandolino (Principal Scientist - Forecasting) presents the 2017 Annual Climate Summary. See the detailed Annual Climate Summary.
Citizen scientists take on Hutt River
Citizen scientists take on Hutt River
ST47 9990m landing
Wire deployed corer landing at 9994 metre depth in the Kermadec Trench. Deployment and retrieval on board the RV Tangaroa.
Wire deployed corer floats being retrieved
Wire deployed corer floats being retrieved on board the RV Tangaroa. The corer sampled sediments at 9994 metre depths in the Kermadec Trench.
A day out measuring at Molesworth
A day out measuring at Molesworth
Monitoring air quality in your neighbourhood
Monitoring air quality in your neighbourhood.
NIWA, supported by DairyNZ, are asking anyone who has planted along stream banks to take a short survey.
Breakfast with Ebony - Episode 3
Marine Biologist Diana Macpherson spends a good part of her time investigating various critters that live on the sea floor...check out this enormous specimen!
Climate change and variability - report for the Greater Wellington Region
NIWA Climate Scientist - Petra Pearce explains Wellington city will have warmer autumns, almost a month of days over 25°C and up to 10 per cent more winter rain by 2090, according to a new NIWA cli