See NIWA scientists talking about their work, along with fascinating animations and underwater footage.

Unique research records rare whale species in Cook Strait
The sounds of whales and dolphins rarely seen in New Zealand waters have been recorded by NIWA scientist in a pioneering underwater sound project.
ARGO - measuring salinity and temperature across the oceans
Since the early 2000s, NIWA has been part of the international Argo programme. Argo floats takes the pulse of the oceans, collecting and distributing temperature and salinity observations from a global network of more than 3700 underwater robots.
Modelling vegetation-impacted morphodynamics in braided rivers
NIWA is developing numerical models for predicting how the morphology of braided rivers responds to flow regulation and invasive exotic woody vegetation.
Earthquake's unseen impact
NIWA scientists on board RV Ikatere have been surveying the coastal area around Kaikoura for the first time since November's magnitude 7.8 earthquake in 2016.
Recording underwater biodiversity after earthquakes
NIWA’s marine ecologist Dr Dave Bowden talks about the catastrophic changes to the seafloor in the Kaikoura Canyon following the November 2016 earthquake.
Earthquake's Unseen Impact
NIWA scientists on board RV Ikatere have been surveying the coastal area around Kaikoura for the first time since November's magnitude 7.8 earthquake.
Injy's Odyssey
Late 2016, Sir Peter Blake NIWA Ambassador Injy Johnstone travelled to one of NIWA's more remote atmospheric monitoring outposts in the central North Island. Another successful ambassadorship - check it out!
NIWA's Annual Climate Summary
Watch live as NIWA climate scientists present the NIWA 2016 Annual Climate Summary.
Exploring the deepsea
Despite many centuries of maritime exploration, only a fraction of our planet's seafloor has been observed.
Seasonal Climate Outlook - making your business more profitable
Chris Brandolino (Principal Scientist - Forecasting) talks about how our seasonal climate outlooks can help your business succeed.
NIWA's Seasonal Climate Outlook can help your business be more profitable [Part Two]
Interpreting Seasonal Climate Outlooks
What does the ocean look like 6000 metres deep?
The Kermadec Expedition team are currently trying to answer this question with the help of our DTIS tool (deepwater camera system), but it is not always smooth sailing at the bottom of the ocean...
Great humpback whale trail
Here is an insight into what Auckland University’s whale research team is up to in The Kermadecs.
Mesopelagic trawl from the RV Tangaroa October 2016 Kermadec Voyage
Using a very wide net to complete a 960m deep mesopelagic trawl near the Kermadec Islands has brought up a large number and diverse range of deep water species.
Koha a rare Hawksbill sea turtle is released back into the ocean
Filmed from our underwater cameras, watch as Koha the turtle is released back into the ocean near Raoul Island.
In Lauder, Central Otago - NIWA atmospheric technician Wills Dobson releases a weather balloon with a couple of gopro cameras attached. 46 minutes later we're in the stratosphere - at 27 kms - capturing some incredible footage above New Zealand's South Island.
Scientists' stunning images
The winning photos of the 2016 NIWA Staff Photographic Competition. Read more about the winning photos
NIWA Wellington Science & Technology Fair - students explaining their entries
Some of the students competing in the Wellington Science and Technology Fair talk about their projects.
NIWA Seasonal Climate Outlook: September - November 2016
NIWA Forecaster Ben Noll hosts a broad-brush regional outlook for New Zealand's temperature and rainfall over the next three months.
NIWA Seasonal Climate Outlook August - October 2016
NIWA Forecaster Chris Brandolino explains what New Zealand can expect in the way of rainfall and temperature over the next three months.