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See NIWA scientists talking about their work, along with fascinating animations and underwater footage.

Weather forecasting - Let's make it better!
NIWA performs world class climate, ocean and weather related hazards modelling.
Tangaroa's Dynamic Positioning System - How does it work?
RV Tangaroa has a DP2 system - currently the only one on a New Zealand vessel.
Gordon Brailsford - Tropospheric Chemistry, NIWA
Gordon Brailsford extracting greenhouse gases for measurement from an atmospheric sample. 
Orange Roughy
Orange Roughy 
Poem: Pressure Operated Electronic Meter
Poem: Pressure Operated Electronic Meter 
Craig Stevens on Cook Strait tidal energy
Dr Craig Stevens from NIWA discusses the potential for turbines to extract tidal energy from New Zealand's Cook Strait. 
NIWA Fish Tagging - Giant Kokopu
New Zealand's iconic whitebait species are disappearing from our waterways, but help could soon be at hand for the threatened giant kōkopu.
Antarctic Whale Expedition 2010
After a successful six weeks in the Southern Ocean, the Australian led Antarctic whale expedition is due to arrive in Wellington, New Zealand, on 15 March 2010. 
David Wratt - NIWA's chief climate scientist
David Wratt, NIWA's chief climate scientist, on the challenges of climate science in New Zealand. 
Andrew Tait on Climate Science
Andrew Tait talking about how NIWA's climate science is useful to local government and planners. 
Craig Stevens on Antarctic Sea Ice
Principal Scientist Craig Stevens talks about what NIWA's sonar equipment can tell us about ocean turbulence, and what's in store for sea ice around Antarctica and the Arctic. 
Atmospheric research at Baring Head
Dr Katja Riedel from Niwa explains the process of sampling air at Baring Head, near Wellington, New Zealand. 
Fitzroy - Niwa's new supercomputer
NIWA has one of the most powerful supercomputers in the southern hemisphere at Greta Point in Wellington.
Fitzroy construction timelapse
Timelapse footage of the construction of NIWA's supercomputer, Fitzroy 
Our changing climate
 As knowledge about our climate system grows, NIWA climate scientists David Wratt, James Renwick, and Andrew Tait discuss the challenges and benefits of NIWA's work
Bluff oysters - managing an iconic fishery
NIWA is working with the fishing industry, the Bluff Oyster Management Company, and Seafood Innovations Ltd to increase understanding of the factors that drive oyster production in Foveaux Strait.
Current conversion - tidal and wave energy in New Zealand
Technology for extracting energy from wave and tidal currents is now a viable alternative to traditional power generation methods.
Ice age or meltdown?
Funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Marsden Fund, NIWA conducts a range of experiments in Antarctica.
Rig sharks - a familiar stranger
Some think they're cute, and some say tasty, but little is known about rig sharks and their habitat.
Great white sharks - sighted, tagged and tracked
Scientists from DOC, NIWA, and the University of Auckland are building a unique picture of New Zealand's great white shark population.