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See NIWA scientists talking about their work, along with fascinating animations and underwater footage.

Iron Fertilisation
Iron dissolved in the ocean is an important trace nutrient for phytoplankton – the microscopic plants that support marine food webs.
Phytoplankton and Climate Change
NIWA biological oceanographer Dr Philip Boyd explains how the Southern Ocean plays a key role in controlling the world's climate, by drawing large amounts of CO2 from Earth's atmosphere into the ocean depths.
Seabird Diversity in the Southern Ocean
The New Zealand archipelago, particularly its subantarctic islands, is a global seabird hotspot. It's home to 25 per cent of the world's breeding seabird populations and a very diverse array of penguin, albatross, petrel and shearwater species.
Subantarctic Oceanography
NIWA physical oceanographer Dr Mike Williams talks about the world's largest current – the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) – and its influence on the 'oceanography' (ocean characteristics) south of New Zealand.
Antarctic Seabed Biodiversity
It's a common myth that the oceans surrounding Antarctica hold the most diverse array of animals on earth, but they are home to a collection of species found nowhere else.
Antarctic Coastal Marine Life
Dr Vonda Cummings, benthic ecologist at NIWA, explains the special characteristics of seafloor communities living in Antarctica's coastal waters and the importance of understanding what makes them tick.
Antarctic & Southern Ocean Climate
NIWA climate scientist Dr James Renwick explains what's unique about the Antarctic/Southern Ocean climate system, the forces that influence it, and how it's changing.
Antarctic Sea Ice
The sea ice that forms around Antarctica in winter effectively doubles the size of the continent, and its extent has increased over recent years.
The Iron Hypothesis
NIWA biological oceanographer Dr Philip Boyd explains the iron hypothesis: what it is, its history, and some recent experiments in the Southern Ocean.
Southern Ocean Gas Exchange
The Earth's oceans – particularly the Southern Ocean – play an important role in absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) and other trace gases from the atmosphere.
Kaikoura Canyon Seabed Life
The video represents a number of clips that have been spliced together to illustrate the abundant life associated with the muddy seabed sediments in Kaikoura Canyon at 1000m.
Dr Philip Boyd on geoengineering
NIWA's Dr Philip Boyd on geoengineering and the research which won him and a team of scientists from NIWA and Otago University the 2011 Prime Minister's Science Prize.
Desmonema gaudichaudi jellyfish
On Friday November 11th, a large spotted jellyfish was seen floating just off the coast in Evans Bay, 50 m north of the NIWA campus at Greta Point.
IPY-CAML voyage to Antarctica
Watch scientists and crew battle icy conditions in the Ross Sea during New Zealand's International Polar Year Census of Antarctic Marine Life voyage, led by NIWA in 2008.
Happy Feet Release
Happy Feet was successfully released at 10:28 NZST on Sunday 4 September from Niwa's research vessel Tangaroa.
Happy Feet Departs Wellington
Happy Feet, the emperor penguin that's captured the hearts of New Zealanders and others around the world, is finally homeward bound, onboard NIWA's largest research vessel, Tangaroa.
Al Brown - How to Cook Hapuku
NZ chef Al Brown talks us through the finer points of cooking Hapuku - simply - seared skin side down, in the oven for a couple of minutes, butter basted, and squeeze of lemon juice.
Al Brown - Hankering for Hapuku
NZ chef Al Brown shares his passion for hapuku, fishing, and his childhood memories of the Castlepoint campground. 
Al Brown - Hapuku, The Best Farmed Finfish in the World
NZ chef Al Brown discusses the potential for farmed hapuku from New Zealand to make it big in the world of fine dining. 
Farmed Hapuku - Aquaculture Superstar
NZ Chef Al Brown extols the virtues of our aquaculture superstar. Farmed hapuku looks set to tempt the most discerning of palates at the world's best restaurants.