See NIWA scientists talking about their work, along with fascinating animations and underwater footage.

Hazards in the Tasman Sea
You’ll be blown away by what these women in science are up to onboard this RV Tangaroa voyage to the Tasman Sea.
Microplastics: a deeper problem than we thought?
There is increasing global concern about the presence of plastic pollution in our oceans.
X-craft and NIWA collaborate for fisheries rearch.
A six-metre-long autonomous vessel is equipped with artificial intelligence and a range of data gathering equipment, including a battery powered echosounder that can estimate the size of fish populations.
Mapping the oceans through citizen science
The Seabed 2030 South and West Pacific Ocean Data Center is one of four global Regional Centres, each being responsible for data gathering and mapping in their territory.
Seabed 2030 - filling in the gaps
Did you know NIWA is leading a NZ partnership in a worldwide initiative to map the entire globe’s seafloor? Found out more about the Seabed 2030 initiative.
Exploring deep-sea oases
Deep below the ocean surface, life thrives in a world once thought to be inhospitable.
Tropical Cyclone Outlook: November 2021-April 2022
The NIWA and MetService assessment of named tropical cyclone (TC) activity indicates 9 to 12 named TCs could occur in the Southwest Pacific basin between November 2021 and April 2022. The seasonal outlook is for normal to slightly above normal activity in terms of overall named TCs in the region.
Kaikōura Canyon's muddy secrets
Kaikōura Canyon reveals its muddy secrets
Surveying scallops populations with artificial intelligence
Together with the University of Canterbury and Fisheries NZ, NIWA has been working to develop a catch-free, non-invasive method of surveying scallop populations. Find out how...
Powering diversity in the Ross Sea
Fisheries scientist Dr Pablo Escobar-Flores delves into Antarctic mesopelagic science with a look at the small animals and organisms that help power the amazing diversity of life in the Ross Sea.
Hydrology in the Waipori Gorge, Dunedin
For over 100 years Trustpower's Waipori power scheme has supplied Dunedin with hydroelectric power.
Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle helps scientists collect data
Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle helping scientists collect the latest earthquake data.
Eavesdropping on sperm whales in Antarctica
The moorings team is bringing back precious data from long-term underwater listening devices which the researchers are using to search for signs that sperm whales are finally returning in numbers to the Ross Sea.
NIWA's Sarah Searson and Jennie Mowatt
If you want to get accurate scientific readings from the icy depths of the Ross Sea, who do you turn to?
Navigating the "ice bridge"
Marissa Judkins is second mate on RV Tangaroa. Watch her navigating through the "ice bridge" in Antarctica's Ross Sea for the first time.
Sally Watson - The science behind sediment cores
How do humans impact shallow marine environments?
Emergency food barrel packing for the Antarctic voyage
These are barrels you don't want to be opening, but if things go south, it’s nice to know they’re there.
Critter of the deep: Gorgon's head
Check out the latest critter of the deep, with Sadie Mills!
Emirates Team NZ/NIWA Episode 1 Secrets of the Hauraki Gulf
To make a fast boat go faster you need to understand what's happening above and beneath the water - that's why Emirates Team New Zealand has teamed up with NIWA - the official supplier of weather f
Science for a resilient future
Government scientists commemorated their 2020 award winners at the annual Science New Zealand awards celebration at Parliament recently.