See NIWA scientists talking about their work, along with fascinating animations and underwater footage.

Our Climate is Changing
Our climate is changing - we need to act now.
Glaciers Don't Lie
If you think New Zealand's Southern Alps are shielded from climate change – take a look at this. "You can't make a glacier lie.”
Waikoropupu Springs video
NIWA freshwater scientists have completed monitoring the ultra-clear water of the Te Waikoropupū Springs near Takaka.
Water sensitive Urban Design - Extended version
Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) has emerged as a form of development that, among other objectives, aims to deliver resilient water ways providing a range of benefits to urban communities.
Beyond the Horizon
NIWA's vessels are world-class environmental monitoring and research platforms.
Improved climate information for Vanuatu
NIWA and Vanuatu's Meteorology and Geohazards Department have installed a network of fully automatic weather stations across Vanuatu.
Science Working for NZ
Science is driving innovation and growth in New Zealand. What happens next?
Our World is Changing
More than 7.6 billion people live on this planet. What's the impact?
Drone survey of Kaikoura uplifted rockpools
Drones have been used at Kaikoura to survey intertidal reef areas, many of which were uplifted by as much as half a metre in the 2016 earthquake.
Auckland region climate change projections and impacts | Auckland Council
Auckland Council and Council Controlled Organisations commissioned NIWA to provide climate change projections, including high-resolution maps for the Auckland Region.
NIWA 2017 Annual Climate Summary
Chris Brandolino (Principal Scientist - Forecasting) presents the 2017 Annual Climate Summary. See the detailed Annual Climate Summary.
Climate change and variability - report for the Greater Wellington Region
NIWA Climate Scientist - Petra Pearce explains Wellington city will have warmer autumns, almost a month of days over 25°C and up to 10 per cent more winter rain by 2090, according to a new NIWA cli
Edgecumbe Flood Damage
NIWA and GNS scientists recently visited Edgecumbe to assess flood damage in the area.
ARGO - measuring salinity and temperature across the oceans
Since the early 2000s, NIWA has been part of the international Argo programme. Argo floats take the pulse of the oceans, collecting and distributing temperature and salinity observations from a global network of more than 3700 underwater robots.
Unique research records rare whale species in Cook Strait
The sounds of whales and dolphins rarely seen in New Zealand waters have been recorded by NIWA scientist in a pioneering underwater sound project.
Earthquake's unseen impact
NIWA scientists on board RV Ikatere have been surveying the coastal area around Kaikoura for the first time since November's magnitude 7.8 earthquake in 2016.
Recording underwater biodiversity after earthquakes
NIWA’s marine ecologist Dr Dave Bowden talks about the catastrophic changes to the seafloor in the Kaikoura Canyon following the November 2016 earthquake.
NIWA's Annual Climate Summary
Watch live as NIWA climate scientists present the NIWA 2016 Annual Climate Summary.