See NIWA scientists talking about their work, along with fascinating animations and underwater footage.

Our Climate is Changing
Our climate is changing - we need to act now.
Glaciers Don't Lie
If you think New Zealand's Southern Alps are shielded from climate change – take a look at this. "You can't make a glacier lie.”
NIWA science- making a difference
An introduction to NIWA scientists and the wide range of work they do.
Diving deep to check up on our lakes
NIWA scientists jump overboard to check out the health the Rotorua Te Arawa lakes.
Robotic vehicle on the lookout for biosecurity pests
Foreign marine pests can threaten our marine life and it’s important to find them early before they can set up home here.
Freshwater fish swim their all for science
The tiny inanga have been plucked from Waikato streams and held in a darkened laboratory for the last month, undertaking highly advanced testing to find the strongest, fittest and fastest fish.
Tracing tsunamis through history
Weaving whakapapa and science together to trace tsunami through history.
Ocean acidification - what is it?
The on-going rise of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is not only changing our climate—it is also changing our oceans. Take a look at the
Mitigating ocean acidification to protect mussels
Professor Cliff Law from NIWA describes research to protect mussels from ocean acidification.
Annual Climate Summary for 2018
New Zealand’s equal-2nd warmest year on record.
Marlborough Sounds Seabed Survey
Hidden under the surface of the Marlborough Sounds is a fascinating underwater world of shipwrecks and seabed ridges the size of sand dunes in the Sahara Desert.
Weddell seals - web
A NIWA-led team of marine ecologists are using seal-mounted cameras to get a first-hand view into the behaviour and movements of Weddell seals under the Antarctic ice.
Hydrology Sounds Interesting 2011
The December 2018 New Zealand combined Hydrological and Meteorological Society conference called for a new category of presentation that was short, interesting and artistic.
Weather Tips - What is El Niño?
El Niño. We hear it being brought up in the news quite a bit, but what does it actually mean? No, it's not a type of yoghurt!
NIWA Blake Ambassadors Vlog 3: its bongo time! TAN1810
18 Nov 2018. NIWA Blake Ambassador—Lana Young—explains how bongo nets are deployed to collect plankton around the clock on board the RV Tangaroa.
Timelapse from RV Tangaroa cutaway 12 hours
27 October 2018. The NIWA Blake Ambassadors shoot a 12 hour time lapse from the cutaway deck on the RV Tangaroa.
NIWA climate scientists are calling for volunteers to unearth weather secrets from the past – including those recorded by members of Captain Robert Scott’s doomed trip to the South Pole in 1912.
NIWA Blake Ambassadors vlog1
26 October 2018. NIWA Blake Ambassadors, Lana Young and Siobhan O'Connor and SalpPOOP voyage leader Dr Moira Decima check out sampled salps from different depths.