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RiskScape, a joint venture between NIWA and GNS Science, is a tool for analysing potential economic and social impacts from multiple natural hazards. 

RiskScape helps practitioners make informed decisions about managing risk from natural hazards. For instance, it can be used to estimate the reduction in asset exposure and potential financial losses from developing protection measures against natural hazards (such as flood defences, earthquake strengthening or insurance cover).

RiskScape provides a modular framework that combines hazard, asset and vulnerability information to quantify potential impacts.

RiskScape model framework

About the RiskScape software

RiskScape 1.0 was released as a desktop application in 2017.

In response to user requirements, work is currently underway in 2019 develop an enhanced system for both scenario and probabilistic modelling of natural hazard impacts.

RiskScape 2.0 adopts a plugin architecture that supports user customised models, including the flexibility to add vulnerability functions and apply a range of GIS file formats and geoprocessing tools in the model workflow.

RiskScape 2.0 development is supported by the Earthquake Commission and is on track to be a world-leading software application for modelling natural hazard impacts. Read the August 2019 media release about this here.

Research using RiskScape 

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