We provide expert advice to inform disaster management and risk mitigation.

  • Flood hazards: river flood and storm-surge forecasting, monitoring, risk assessment, computer simulation and inundation modelling.
  • Extreme weather hazards: risk assessment of high winds, heavy rainfall, cyclones and droughts, monitoring, computer modelling.
  • Climate change and global warming: climate variability, monitoring, future projections, future impacts on regions, sectors and the environment.
  • Sea-level rise: monitoring, projections, effects on communities.
  • Coastal erosion: prediction, protection, renourishment, coastal hazard zone assessments, monitoring beach systems.
  • Maritime hazards and navigation: surface currents for navigation, yacht racing, oil spill movement and search & rescue, wave monitoring and forecasting, marine winds, tide forecasting, maritime investigations, hydrographic surveying.
  • Surf zone hazards: monitoring surf rips, waves and coastal erosion.
  • Tsunami: monitoring and early-warning systems, assessment of risk, computer modelling of tsunami propagation and innundation.
  • Marine and submarine hazards: volcanoes, underwater landslides, submarine faults, risk assessment for pipeline and seabed cable routes, seabed stability and structure.
Repairs to sea wall, Paekakariki, Kapiti Coast. Photo taken by Dave Allen in 2011.