Natural Hazards Annual Report

The annual report of the Natural Hazards Research Platform.

The NHRP was created in September 2009 by Government to provide secure, long-term funding for natural hazard research, and to help research providers and end users work more closely together. It is led by GNS, includes NIWA as an anchor organisation, and has University of Canterbury, Massey University, Opus International Consultants, and University of Auckland as partners. There are also a further 20 subcontracts to other parties. 

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Natural Hazards Research Platform Reports

After each calendar year, the Natural Hazards Research Platform produces an annual summary report highlighting the natural-hazard events of the year, supported with articles on the impacts of the main events and ongoing research developments. 

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Download specific reports below.

Natural Hazards 2014 (PDF 4.4MB)

Natural Hazards 2013 (PDF 10.6MB)

Natural Hazards 2012 (PDF 12.8MB)

Natural Hazards 2011 (PDF 12.6MB)

Natural Hazards 2010 (PDF 3.9MB)

Natural Hazards 2009 (PDF 6.7MB)

Natural Hazards 2008 (PDF 4.8MB)

Cover of the Natural Hazards Research Platform Annual Report 2014.