Natural Hazards frequently asked questions

Some commonly-asked questions about tornadoes in New Zealand.

The example used here is for Murawai Beach, 11km north of Anawhata.

This is a common question. The Metservice tide forecast is based on LINZ tide forecast, which uses known tide times at standard ports and then applies an offset for 'secondary ports' - for example, Muriwai Beach. These offset values are often approximate.

The NIWA tide forecast is predicted by a purpose built tide model designed to calculate the tide at any location of open coast (not harbours) around New Zealand. The NIWA tide model has a stated accuracy of +/- 10 mins.

The probability that events such as floods, wind storms or tornadoes will occur is often expressed as a return period.
Rob Bell's analysis of the tsunami signature.
A powerful magnitude 8.0 earthquake ruptured the seafloor south of Samoa on 30 September 2009, unleashing a destructive tsunami on Samoa, American Samoa, and northern Tonga (Niuatoputapu).