Interactions between the ocean, atmosphere and climate

Rob Murdoch is gving a few talks during the Our Far South voyage, and his talks will include a number of videos which help to contextualise his presentations.

We will be posting these videos as he gives the talks.  The first talk, given at the beginning of the voyage, was on "Interactions between the ocean, atmosphere and climate". 

Interactions between the ocean, atmosphere and climate 

The Antarctic/Southern Ocean region plays a key role in the global climate system and has a major influence on the weather and climate of New Zealand. NIWA is playing a key role in helping New Zealand and the world learn more about the Southern Ocean, subantarctic islands and Antarctica. This knowledge will help the response to the significant challenges this unique environment faces, such as climate change, a potential decline in biodiversity, and the use of the area's natural resources. 

Southern Ocean Gas Exchange 

The Iron Hypothesis

Antarctic Sea Ice

Antarctic & Southern Ocean Climate 

Phytoplankton and Climate Change

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