Freshwater Update 81, June 2019

Freshwater Update 81 brings you the latest information from our Freshwater & Estuaries Centre, with articles ranging from how NIWA scientists are solving the longfin eel migration mystery, how we're taking you diving with us at Fieldays, and a word from one of the editors of the new Lakes Restoration Handbook.

Environmental report calls attention to the need for more research on water quality

An opinion editorial by NIWA Chief Scientist of Freshwater and Estuaries, Scott Larned.  

The quality of New Zealand’s waterways features prominently in a newly released report on the state of our environment.

The report, Environment Aotearoa 2019 (EA2019), was prepared by the Ministry for the Environment and Statistics New Zealand as required by the Environmental Reporting Act. EA2019 uses investigations from five environmental domains (land, freshwater, marine, climate and air) to report on priority issues.

Scientists look to solve the longfin eel's breeding ground mystery

NIWA freshwater scientists are pinning their hopes of solving an age-old mystery on 10 female longfin eels who have now begun an epic journey to their spawning grounds somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

The eels, which live for about 60 years but can get to as old as 100, were caught in the Waikato River and fitted with the tags at Te Kauwhata last month. Eels develop a blue ring around the eye immediately before their migration begins, making it easier to sort the emigrants from the stayers.

Freshwater and forecasting our Fieldays focus

The largest agribusiness event in the Southern Hemisphere is just around the corner. NIWA has been a longtime exhibitor at the Fieldays event. This year, our exhibit is designed to spark conversations and is themed around freshwater ecosystem health and weather forecasting.  

The National Agricultural Fieldays are being held at Hamilton's Mystery Creek between 12 – 15 June. You can find us at PC 39-41