Freshwater and Estuaries Update

A regular newsletter that includes a seasonal review and outlook for New Zealand's water resources, and an update on some of NIWA's freshwater and estuaries research.



The science behind clean waterways

Restoring streams on farmland - a win-win story

Water resources outlook

Solving the P problem

Water resources review

Fish models help conservation

Riparian FAQs

Water resources data freely available
“Show me the whole of the previous year’s nitrate values for the area that I drew on the interactive map.”

EDENZ - accessing historical data

Water resources outlook

Water Resources Archive: the backbone

Water resources review

Water Resources Explorer - mapping data resources

July's FWU includes irrigation practice, details on the National Wetland symposium and information on the recently-held workshop on water resource issues.

CLUES to impacts of land-use change

Models to help manage erosion

Water resources outlook

What value a stream's ecology?

Water resources review

Irrigation modernisation

Grass filter strip trials promising

Water resources outlook

Investigating blue-green algae in Lake Taupo

Water resources review

New website for exploring water resources information

The state of our rivers

Water resources outlook

Tracking water quality changes in the Manawatu River

Water resources review

Measuring the state of groundwater

Supporting informed water supply decisions for Wellington

The trick is getting what you really need

Water resources outlook

Workshop report released

Water resources review

Envirolink fills niche

Pond treatment textbook shows NZ expertise

When a river dries

CLUES to the big questions

Courses from the National Centre

Water resources outlook

Water resources review

And you thought the water was dirty?

Safe shellfish: new regulations

Why children shouldn't play in duck ponds

How did the chicken get it?

Water resources outlook

Water resources review

New wetland increases hope for Rotorua lake

Lake edge plants could help small lakes

Management of Auckland's water supply lakes reviewed

Water resources outlook

Water resources review

Managing stormwater pollution

A powerful urban planning tool

Stream restoration in Christchurch

Water resources outlook

Water resources review

Managing dairy farm drainage pollution

Water quality in Pigeon Creek

Getting the best out of hump-and-hollow farming

Water resources outlook

Water resources review

New Centre Leader

Surprise: logging can be good for water quality

Quicker, easier, more versatile

Water resources outlook

Water resources review

Another P problem

Guidelines for cleaner water

DIY flood helps urban stream restoration

Water resources outlook

Water resources review

NIWA Advanced Pond Systems

Mapping the trickle

Our service is blooming

What is WAIORA?

Water resources outlook (May - July)

Water resources review (February - April)

Water Quality Management book

Contaminants in urban stormwater: how much from where?

New urban stormwater guide

Water resources outlook for autumn

Water resources review for summer

In risky water?

Advanced Pond Systems

Water resources outlook for Summer

Water resources review for Spring

New tool to predict the effects of changing land use

Water resources outlook

Water resources review: Winter 2004

Upcoming courses

How low can you go?

The state of our rivers

Water resources in autumn 2004

Freshwater feature: Canterbury groundwater - allocation policy and the underlying science

Reasonable mixing: a challenge for planners

The Rotorua Lakes Protection and Restoration Action Programme

First use of whole lake alum treatment in New Zealand

Water resources in summer 2003-04

Freshwater feature: Managing Te Roto o Wairewa

Groundwater time delay in the Lake Rotorua catchment

NIWA completes development of New Zealand River Environment Classification

Water allocation planning

Outlook for water resources January-March 2004

Water resources in spring 2003

Freshwater feature: Groundwater aquifers of Christchurch

Aquatic plants indicate lake condition

Algal bloom monitoring service

Managing Lake Taupo water quality

Lake Taupo: a national jewel in a state of change

Outlook for water resources in spring 2003

Water resources in winter 2003

Freshwater feature: Lake Taupo

How long does it take for nutrient enriched groundwater to travel from farms to Lake Taupo?

A new riparian management tool

Environment Watch on CD: promoting healthy farm and forest streams

Fresh Water New Zealand: problems, processes, and priorities

The drought of summer-autumn 2003

Water resources in autumn 2003

Freshwater feature: the Bullock Creek polje

Whatawhata Sustainable Land Management Project

NZ Landcare Trust Integrated Catchment Management

The need for research in water allocation

Canterbury Strategic Water Study

Water resources in summer 2002-03

Freshwater feature: Lake Hauroko, Fiordland

Using invertebrates to assess stream quality