Freshwater Update 85, March 2021

Freshwater Update 85 brings you the latest information from our Freshwater & Estuaries Centre. This edition shares articles about two new NIWA water quality tools, lamprey passage structure results, and features on water quantity challenges and estuaries. 

How much is too much? Susan Pepperell looks at some of the tough decisions looming around access to freshwater and how science is helping with solutions.

Eyes in the land

Principal Scientist Paul Champion took Kennedy Warne of New Zealand Geographic along on a monitoring survey of the precious Lake Ngatu. The dune lake is a taonga to local iwi and the freshwater biosecurity team monitor the ecological health of the local lakes in partnership with Northland Regional Council and tangata whenua.
Estuaries provide a crucial link between our rivers and our seas. Sam Fraser-Baxter heads out with a NIWA research team keeping a close eye on these vulnerable transition zones.