Freshwater Update 74, August 2017

Freshwater Update 74 brings you the latest information from our Freshwater & Estuaries Centre, with a focus on technology to trace the source of sediments in our waterways, measure bank erosion and shallow lake rehabilitation. Also see discussion in Water & Atmosphere 18, June 2017 on what is happening to New Zealand’s freshwater.

Water quality monitoring on lake Milicich [Photo: Aleki Taumoepeau]  

Snoopy attached to the back of a jet boat. [Photo: Jo Hoyle, NIWA]


Compound Specific Stable Isotope tracing of sediment sources - tools to manage a sticky problem in New Zealand’s freshwaters and estuaries

Fine sediment is New Zealand’s most widespread water contaminant, degrading ecosystems, infilling dams and reservoirs and impairing recreational, cultural and aesthetic values in our rivers, estuaries and coastal seas.