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ANZ Aerosol Workshop 2014

10 July 2014 - 9:00am to 11 July 2014 - 5:00pm

The Australia and New Zealand Aerosol Workshop is in its tenth year and aims to bring together researchers in all aspects of aerosol science from aerosol formation, physics, chemistry and measurement to health effects and industrial applications.

Presented papers:



Abhnil Prasad

Impact of aerosols on DNI in Australia

Ben Liley

Stratospheric and upper atmospheric aerosols over 22 years at 45 South

Donald Cameron

Method development for PILS-IC for large volume environmental chamber experiments on amine-based aerosol

Ed Stelcer

PM2.5 Sources at Mayfield, Newcastle

Fabienne Reisen

What features of bushfire smoke should be considered in the assessment of public health risk

Guy Coulson

 Ultrafine Particles in Auckland

Martin Gledhill

Compliance of New Zealand solaria with recommended operating practices

Howard Bridgman

Dust, drama and decision making in the Hunter Region, NSW 

Ian Longley

Contribution of school location and travel-to-school on schoolchildrens exposure to ultrafine particles

Ian Longley

Trial of a low-cost sensor package to observe particle emission events in a home

Jamie Halla

Determination of Aerosol Properties using MAX-DOAS

Karthik Mukkavilli

Aerosol effects on solar energy forecasts in concentrated solar power plants

Mikael Boulic/ Bill Trompetter

Improving health in classrooms with a solar ventilation system

Mike Harvey

SOAP,  biogenic aerosols, & phytoplankton blooms

Sam Edwards

The Outdoor Dust Information Node - ODIN

Simon Watts

The use and treatment of particulate measurements in the assessment and reporting of air quality

Travis Ancelet

Using XRF to quantify elemental concentrations on quartz and glass fiber filters

Vincent Salomon Low-cost sensors- a viable solution to supplement existing ambient air monitoring networks

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