National observations and networks

NIWA maintains a range of national environmental observation services and datasets which underpin New Zealand’s research and fosters our improved understanding of some of our most precious national environmental resources, their spatial distributions, and temporal trends.

  • National ozone monitoring
  • Total carbon column observing network

Contact John Robinson

  • National snow & ice network
  • National climate network

Contact Andrew Harper

Contact Rob Davies-Colley

  • National hydrometric network 

Contact Mike Bargh

  • New Zealand soil moisture network 

Contact Roddy Henderson

  • National sea level network (NSLN) 

Contact Dr Rob Bell

  • The New Zealand bathymetry datasets 

Contact Kevin Mackay

  • The New Zealand river environment classification (through Ministry of Environment) 

Contact Roddy Henderson

  • The New Zealand Coastal classification 

Contact Dr Rob Bell

  • The New Zealand marine classification  

Contact Kevin Mackay

This section will soon be expanded to include detailed information on each of these services.


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Principal Technician - Atmosphere
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Principal Technician - Climate
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Principal Scientist - Water Quality
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Environmental Data Scientist
Marine Geologist, Marine Data Manager
Castle Mount snow station. Credit: Evan Baddock, NIWA


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