NIWAFarmMet - staying one step ahead of weather and climate

NIWA operates a powerful, web-based subscription weather forecasting and information service tailored to farmers, called NIWAFarmMet.

It delivers a range of highly localised weather forecasts, climate summaries and outlooks, as well as weather news and explanations, direct to subscribers’ desktops, laptops or tablets in clear, easy-to-read form.

NIWAFarmMet draws on multiple local and global data sources and the computational power of NIWA’s IBM supercomputer. It is backed by NIWA’s internationally renowned expertise in climate research and environmental forecasting.

NIWAFarmMet uses data from the NIWA weather station(s) nearest to the subscriber’s farm to ‘lock in’ forecasts to the local area and deliver local climate summaries. As a result, subscribers receive the most accurate, relevant information possible. 

How our forecasting service can help your business

NIWAFarmMet is a unique decision-making tool that helps subscribers to plan key farming operations like when to irrigate, fertilise, spray or harvest, meet environmental consent requirements, and mitigate risks associated with New Zealand's dynamic and occasionally extreme weather.

NIWAFarmMet provides:

  • site-specific two-day, six-day and two-week weather forecasts
  • animated national rainfall forecast maps (two-day and six-day)
  • site-specific year-to-date climate summaries: growing degree days, soil moisture balance, accumulated rainfall, air temperature and days with frost. Graphs include long-term (30-year) historical averages and users can add last year’s data for comparison
  • NIWA’s seasonal climate outlook
  • latest weather news, explanations and tips.


For more information and to subscribe, visit the NIWAFarmMet website.

NIWA meteorologist Mike Revell checks the latest data from EcoConnect. [Dave Allen]
The Days with Frost and Average Daily Air Temperature graph shows the average air temperature recorded at your location each day for the year to date from [NIWA]  
Live preview of 2 week rainfall (sample data) from [NIWA]
NIWA’s supercomputer greatly enhances business management with new forecasting accuracy. Credit: Dave Allen