Supplying hydrology information to NZ's hydroelectricity generators

Ever wondered where hydroelectricity generators get their information on lake levels and river in-flows? Some of it is provided by NIWA, thanks to our comprehensive hydrology monitoring networks around the country.

About 70% of New Zealand's electricity is generated by hydropower, so it is essential for generators to have accurate information about lake levels and river in-flows associated with power-generation facilities.

NIWA maintains a comprehensive network of high-tech monitoring instruments at all major hydro-power sites. This enables complex real-time data to be delivered, via the internet, to energy generators. 

 Summarised information is also freely available to the public.

Click here to see the latest lake level and inflow data from NZX Energy.

Check out our regular Freshwater Update for more maps and information about NIWA's hydrological monitoring.


Contact: Roddy Henderson

Downloading hydrology data at Clutha Dam. (Photo: Steve le Gal)
Research subject: Hydrology