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The New Zealand Energy Demand Database contains information on all of New Zealand's energy demand, including a scenario analysis tool. The database includes historical data as well as projected future energy demand for several different scenarios. 

This help page will be updated in response to users enquiries. Questions or suggestions can be sent to Energyscape enquiries, contact details below.

Current help topics


About the energy demand database

The energy demand has been characterised using a “bottom-up” approach – where energy intensity factors are applied to inventories of end-use technology that use energy i.e. Demand = Activity × Technology fraction × Energy intensity.


  • Activity is some quantity that serves as a measure of the physical activity of the service provided by this sub-sector (i.e. distance of passenger or freight movements)
  • Technology fraction is the fraction of different service technologies that can be used to carry out the same sub-sector activity (i.e. diesel-bus or electric-tram public transport technologies)
  • Energy intensity is the energy consumed per unit of sub-sector activity by the service’s technology - also known as the unit energy consumption of the technology.

With this expression of the demand equation, future scope is provided for; economic changes in the form of the sub-sector service activity, market-driven changes in the form of the technology fraction and technological changes in the form of unit energy consumption.

The database has been developed so that it can be updated by any registered user (like a Wiki), hence should provide a mechanism by which industries and regional councils can assess and maintain understanding of energy demand in their constituencies. 

Data extracted from this database can be used to provide consistent, detailed information to energy system analysts and input to energy models such as GEMS (Electricity Commision), Sadem (Ministry of Economic Development) and LEAP (NIWA).

Registration process

If you haven't logged on, then you will only be able to search through the energy demand and proxy data. If you want to be able to edit the energy demand detail or proxy data, then click on 'register' and submit relevant details. The registration process is automatic. You will automatically be eligable to edit data. The database adminstrator cannot remind you of you password, but can delete your registration thereby letting you register again.


Edit controls

A registered user can edit four types of data, namely:

  1. Proxy data - a proxy (e.g. number of houses) is often provides a starting basis for estimating how much energy is used by a technology (e.g. dishwashers). It should be noted that proxy data may pertain to several sub-sectors and technologies. Only national statistics are used for defining proxy data.
  2. Activity data - this data is used to characterise the total quantity of end-use activity is occuring for a given technology e.g. total number of kilometres travelled by passengers in cars. Often end-use activity is related to proxy data e.g. Number of dishwashers = Number of houses (i.e. proxy) × Fraction of houses with dishwasher (i.e. Activity data). When the end-use trend is known, then this is applied and proxy is set as 1.
  3. Intensity data - characterises how much energy is used to support a given activity e.g. how many gigajoules of energy are used by a typcial dishwasher each year.
  4. Regional fraction - The factors above enable calculation of total national energy consumption for each technology & sub-sector combination. In order to determine the fraction of this energy consumed in region, a regional factor is applied.

Users can either update selected values for given years, or use the "update all" button at the base of each column to update all data within a column. To use the update all button, prepare relevant data for all years in an Excel spreadsheet; copy the column; paste data into the text box.

When a registered user submits an a change to the database, a "tentative" record is created, and the database manager is informed that a new record has been added. The update will not be incorporated until it has "approved" by the database manager.  This may take a few days to update during busy times - please be patient. When suggesting a change, please provide suffient detail to enable confirmation of the details, else the changes may be rejected by the database manager.  If in doubt about the status of an energy demand sub-sector, please feel free to contact the database adminstrator.  

Sub-sectors and technology categories

Currently the range of sub-sectors and technology categories are constrained to match thoos that are feed into LEAP (refer to EnergyScape project documentation). Changing names and addition of sub-sectors and technology categoriers is possible via contract with the database adminstrator.