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These open layers feeds can be accessed as map layers using the NIWA Quantum Map software, or similar software.
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Namesort ascendingAgencyDescriptionService TypeURL
WCC vector data layersWellington City CouncilWellington City Council vector data layers, see: http://www.wellington.govt.nz/maps/gis/gis-data.htmlWFShttp://gis.wcc.govt.nz/arcgis/services/Public_Data/Vector/MapServer/WFSServer
Top of The South Maps (WMS)Nelson City and Tasman District CouncilsMap layers from their website at http://www.topofthesouthmaps.co.nz/WMShttp://www.topofthesouthmaps.co.nz/ArcGIS/services/TopoftheSouthMaps/MapServer/WMSServer
Top of The South Maps (WFS)Nelson City & Tasman District CouncilsPublic maps provided by the two councils, also on their own web site at: http://www.topofthesouthmaps.co.nzWFShttp://www.topofthesouthmaps.co.nz/ArcGIS/services/TopoftheSouthMaps/MapServer/WFSServer
SIMS station datasetNIWANIWA climate and hydrometric station locationsWFShttp://sims-wfs.niwa.co.nz/cgi-bin/sims-wfs
OS2020 Bay of Islands survey stations positionsNIWAWFS service providing station positions (by gear method) for the OS2020 Bay of Islands surveyWFShttp://boi.wms.niwa.co.nz/cgi-bin/stations
NRWQN - National River Water Quality Network WMSNIWA via GEMSTATRecording stations from NIWA's National River Water Quality Network, for NZ plus other countriesWMShttp://www.gemstat.org/WS/stationByCountry.aspx
NRWQN - National River Water Quality Network WFSNIWA via GEMSTATRecording stations from NIWA's National River Water Quality Network, for NZ plus other countries.WFShttp://www.gemstat.org/WS/stationByCountry.aspx?version=1.0.0
NIWA Seismic transectsNIWATracklines of seismic transect data held by NIWA WFShttp://boi.wms.niwa.co.nz/cgi-bin/seismic
New Zealand basemapNIWAA simple New Zealand basemap using LINZ topographic dataWMShttp://boi.wms.niwa.co.nz/cgi-bin/nz_basemap
NABISMPI/NABISGeneral fish distribution and other WMS layers served via http://www.nabis.govt.nz WMShttp://sdi.fish.govt.nz/sdi/mapserver.wms?version=1.3.0
Median Annual Rainfall MapNIWAMedian Annual Rainfall Map for New ZealandWMShttp://boi.arc.niwa.co.nz/arcgis/services/climate/MedianAnnualTotalRainfall/MapServer/WMSServer
FBISNIWAThis is the Web Feature Service for NIWA Freshwater Biodata Information System. It provides attribute information on over 40000 freshwater sampling events across NZ. WFShttp://fbis-wfs.niwa.co.nz/cgi-bin/fbis-wfs
Eagle/LINZ NZ mainland basemapEagle Technology Group LtdNew Zealand basemap of LINZ data assembled and served by Eagle Technology GroupWMShttp://services.arcgisonline.co.nz:6080/arcgis/services/Generic/newzealand/MapServer/WMSServer
Chathams/Challenger biodiversityNIWAOS20230 biodiversity and MEC map layersWMShttp://boi.wms.niwa.co.nz/cgi-bin/mapserv?map=/srv/www/htdocs/mapdata/chat-chall/biodiversity.map
Bay of Islands bathymetryNIWAImage of bathymery from OS2020 Bay of Islands multibeam surveyWMShttp://boi.wms.niwa.co.nz/cgi-bin/bathymetry
Bay of Islands background map layerNIWALINZ topographic datasets compiles into a zoom layered background map for the wider Bay of IslandsWMShttp://boi.wms.niwa.co.nz/cgi-bin/basemap
Bay of Islands Aerial photosNIWAHigh resolution aerial photos used for near shoreline analyses.WMShttp://boi.arc.niwa.co.nz/arcgis/services/OS2020-BoI/OS2020_BoI_AerialPhoto_Color/MapServer/WMSServer