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Air aware: air quality lessons for teachers and experiments for curious kids

Air Aware is a collection of air quality lessons for schools, made up of theory, videos, activities and quizzes.

Air Aware is supported by MBIE’s Unlocking Curious Minds contestable fund

Thank you to Lakeview School in Masterton, Cromwell Primary School, Goldfields Primary School and Cromwell College in Cromwell, and Aurora College in Invercargill, who worked with NIWA to test these resources during 2020. 

Lesson one: What is in the air?

There are lots of particles in the air – both natural and from human activities. This lesson explores what’s in the air.

Lesson two: The air in our lungs

Small air pollution particles can get into our lungs and even our bloodstream. This lesson explores what happens to the air we breathe in.

Lesson three: Measuring particles in the air

This lesson explores how air quality is measured all around Aotearoa New Zealand and where you can access that data.

Lesson four: Air quality and weather

Air quality is affected by the weather and the shape of the land. This lesson explores why air quality differs in different parts of NZ.

Lesson five: Indoor air quality and ventilation

Indoor air quality can affect how healthy your home is. Learn more about indoor air quality in this lesson.

Lesson six: Impacts of air pollution

In this lesson you’ll learn more about how air pollution affects the environment as well as people’s health.

Lesson seven: Air quality around the world

Different places have different air quality at different times. This lesson helps you find out about air quality around the world.

Lesson eight: Measuring emissions

This lesson explores how emissions of particles and gases into the air are measured and monitored around New Zealand.

Lesson nine: How can we improve air quality?

This lesson explores the things we can all do to improve our air quality.