VentBase 2014

VentBase is a forum where academic, commercial, government and other stakeholders can develop a consensus on the best way to manage the mining of seafloor massive sulfide (SMS) deposits.

VentBase will produce best-practice documents to inform stakeholders, and highlight state of the art science to underpin effective management.

2014 Workshop | 2 - 4 April 2014
NIWA  |  Wellington  |  New Zealand

Identifying practical spatial management and mitigation strategies for the mining of SMS deposits.

The workshop will be an opportunity to further the development of 'primer-type' documents on other topics (e.g. a primer for conservation genetics at deep-sea SMS deposits). 

NIWA research is helping to quantify valuable mineral deposits from submarine volcanoes in the Kermadecs, while at the same time determining how to best protect the unique communities which thrive in the hot and chemically rich environment. Credit: JAMSTEC/GNS Science/NIWA