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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get a copy of the MEC?

Ministry for the Environment (MfE) has distributed copies of the MEC to all levels of national and local government, as well as to government departments and agencies. If you work for one of those agencies, then you will have a copy; check with your IT department. Otherwise, copies of the DVD can be obtained from Kirsty Johnston at MfE ([email protected]).

2. What are the system requirements for the MEC?

The MEC is delivered as GIS layers in ESRI shapefile and grid format. As a minimum, you will need a GIS programme capable of reading and manipulating shapefiles, and hardware capable of supporting the GIS software.

3. What information comes on the MEC DVD?

The following table summarises the contents of the MEC DVD:

DVD contents Description
Classifications Marine classification layers for the EEZ region and the Hauraki Gulf. Classifications are presented as pdfs, ESRI shapefiles, ESRI grids and ascii grids. Other outputs from the classification procedure are also included.
Environmental variables Environmental variable layers for all variables used in the classification, as well as extra layers not actually used.
Documentation Marine Environment Classification User Manual, Marine Environment Classification Overview Report and thirteen development reports.
Viewing software Adobe acrobat reader for viewing pdf files

4. Who do I contact with MEC problems or errors?

All MEC questions should be sent to: [email protected].

5. What is the map projection of the MEC?

The EEZ scale MEC is in mercator projection. The Hauraki Gulf MEC is in New Zealand Map Grid.


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