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New Zealand Climate Update 218 - August 2017

What happened in July, how our climate outlook for the previous three months turned out, global and local sea temperatures, and our outlook for August to October.

Download the NZ Climate Update 218 August 2017 [PDF 670KB]

Global setting: July 2017

ENSO (El Niño – Southern Oscillation) neutral conditions (neither El Niño nor La Niña) continued in the tropical Pacific during July 2017, but this month mixed signals were again present. In particular, some atmospheric patterns have been recently leaning more towards weak La Niña conditions.

Outlook: August - October 2017

August – October 2017 temperatures are forecast to be above average for all regions of New Zealand, with high confidence (55-70% chance for above average temperatures). Nevertheless, frosts and cold snaps will occur during the remainder of winter and in early spring. Coastal water temperatures around New Zealand are forecast to remain above average over the next three-month period.


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