New Zealand Climate Update 155 – May 2012

What happened in April, how our climate outlook for the previous three months turned out, global and local sea temperatures, and our outlook for May to July. 

Current Climate - April 2012

April was characterised by markedly high pressures over the South Island and to the east of the Chatham Islands, with prevailing easterly winds (and high pressures) over the North Island. The frequent anticyclones ('highs') during the month resulted in very dry and extremely sunny conditions for April, for many regions of the country. 

Outlook - May to July 2012

ENSO-neutral conditions prevail in the tropical Pacific. Lower pressures than normal are expected to the north of the country, with higher than normal pressures over southern New Zealand. Sea temperatures around New Zealand are likely to remain near normal or slightly cooler than normal during early winter. Seasonal temperatures are likely to be average or above average over the North Island and northern South Island, and near average elsewhere. Early winter rainfall is likely to be normal or above normal in the east of both Islands and in the northern North Island, and near normal in other regions.