New Zealand Climate Update 149 – November 2011

What happened in October, how our climate outlook for the previous three months turned out, global and local sea temperatures, and our outlook for November to January. 

Current Climate - October 2011

October 2011 was characterised by periods of northeasterly winds over New Zealand. Higher pressures than normal were observed south of the country, with lower pressures than normal over the north Tasman Sea. The easterly events produced a wet and cloudy month for many regions, and a cooler October for the east coast of the South Island. In comparison, it was unusually warm, sunny and dry along the West Coast. 

Outlook - November 2011 to January 2012

A weak to moderate La Niña is in place in the tropical Pacific. Mean sea level pressures are likely to be near or above normal across New Zealand, with weaker westerlies than normal over the country, on average. Temperatures are likely to be near average over the North Island and average or above average over the South Island. Seasonal rainfall is likely to be normal or below normal in all regions.