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Climate Update 86 - August 2006


July's climate

Global setting & climate outlook

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A monthly newsletter from the National Climate Centre.
August 2006 – Number 86
Very wet in the southern North Island; extremely dry in parts of Northland, Auckland, and parts of Otago. Record low and record high river and stream flows in the North Island.

July's climate

New Zealand climate in July 2006

Rainfall (click to enlarge).

Temperature (click to enlarge).

July, normally the coldest month of the year, was warmer than June, providing a reprieve from the very cold start to winter. The national average temperature of 8.2 °C was 0.3 °C above the 1971-2000 normal.

Global setting & climate outlook

Global setting and climate outlook
Sea surface temperatures around New Zealand

New Zealand SST (click to enlarge).

Sea surface temperature anomalies in the New Zealand region were near +0.3 °C in July, as they were in June, with a May to July average also at +0.3 °C. The largest positive anomalies still lie east of New Zealand, with little change in the last month.


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