New Zealand Climate

Above average temperatures and wet in the west

Air temperatures of more than 0.5 °C above average in most places, and more than 1.0 °C above average in many places, ranked last month as the fifth warmest June on record. The largest temperature anomaly was at Hanmer Forest, with +2.6 °C. Rangiora and Christchurch Airport recorded their highest June mean temperatures.

More northwesterlies than usual produced the milder conditions. They also caused well below average rainfall in some eastern South Island districts, with less than 10 mm recorded in some places, but above average rainfall in many western regions.

The North Island received more rainfall than normal in central areas and from East Cape to Mahia.


Percentage of average rainfall for June 2004 (recording sites shown with dots). Click to enlarge.

Difference from the average air temperature in degrees Celsius for June 2004. Click to enlarge.

SSTs around New Zealand were mostly a little below average, with an area of above average temperatures to the east.