Air Science Circus: Unlocking Curious Minds project

The Air Science Circus will be touring intermediate and high schools around New Zealand during Term 1 of 2020.

We invite Year 7 to 10 science teachers to participate and have the project visit your class.

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What is the Air Science Circus?

The Air Science Circus is a set of innovative resources that enables students and teachers to conduct a range of structured experiments on air quality in their classrooms, and to devise and share their own experiments.

 New sensors measure key air variables such as carbon dioxide, humidity, temperature and dust levels.

 These sensors are housed inside a ‘Room in a box’ – a portable container that also serves as an environment for some of the experiments.

 The project aims to present school students with a range of resources that enable them to learn about air quality and the related science in an exciting, motivating and engaging way.

Why you should join in?

Teachers and students will have access to a website and an app – these will provide additional resources and enable ongoing interaction with other schools to build a community of young scientists.

 Students will get access to quizzes, games, competitions, membership to the Air Science Club, and more.

 The cumulative effect of communications related to the project will further strengthen the learning and lead to the creation of new resources, devices and adaptations of experiments.

 The project also captures air quality data and shares these visually, to enable analysis and enhancements of classroom air.

 We are looking to recruit around 24 schools from across the country. Each box will remain with the selected school for a week.

Who are we?

 We are a team of researchers from across three institutions – NIWA, AUT and Massey University – interested in air quality, healthy buildings and innovation in learning.

 We are supported by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) under the Unlocking Curious Minds project, to increase the awareness of air quality on health.


Principal Scientist - Air Quality
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