Air quality in Arrowtown - by NIWA

Air quality animation videos (Arrowtown 2019)

Last week, what was air quality like in Arrowtown?

The map shows our ODIN network from Arrowtown where each dot is an ODIN. The colours represent average PM2.5 concentrations recorded across Arrowtown from 11 August to 18 August, 2019. We observed a range of concentrations across the town from 0- 24 µg/m3 with higher concentrations observed near Arrowtown school.

What did indoor and outdoor air quality look like in the first half of July?

In the phase two of our campaign, a strong gradient was observed in our outdoor concentrations with low average concentrations along the western fringe of town and higher concentrations along the river (Range of 5 - 50 µg/m3). However, similar concentrations were observed inside all the homes (map on the right) in our study in the month of July with most homes in the range of 10 - 15 µg/m3 during the study.

Where is the data from?

NIWA is currently monitoring winter-time air quality in Arrowtown by deploying low-cost air quality sensor networks across the town. We have installed outdoor air quality sensors on street poles and indoor air quality monitors inside homes. Check out our latest updates on the project on this page. 

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