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2016 Annual Report

Going Further Together—collaboration has been the hallmark of 2015/2016.

Download the 2015-16 NIWA Annual Report [PDF 4.4MB]

We are always mindful of NIWA’s responsibility as New Zealand’s largest and pre-eminent provider of climate and atmosphere, freshwater and ocean science.

In a nation where our economy and way of life are primarily influenced by our climate, natural resources and biodiversity, having access to the best available science to inform decision making is essential.

A better understanding of changing climates and their impacts, having access to the right quantity and quality of freshwater and responding to competing demands for the use of marine resources, while protecting our natural environments, are not just New Zealand issues—they are among the most challenging issues facing the world.

Science of this nature requires highly skilled and experienced people, extensive infrastructure and scientific assets, and close collaborations with the global science community. Hence our focus in 2015/16 on continuing our investment in people and assets, and strengthening collaboration with other science providers—locally and internationally.

2015/16 was also a year during which several significant NIWA-related reviews were undertaken—often involving considerable input from NIWA staff. And it was a year in which a number of NIWA’s longer-standing contestable funding contracts with the Ministry for Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) expired, requiring new proposals to be prepared and submitted to secure new research funding.

This report will touch on some of these collaborations, reviews and funding impacts.

Please refer to the pdf for the complete Chairman & Chief Executive’s review of NIWA’s 2015/16 year.

NIWA 2015-16 Annual Report cover


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